Respect Young Adult rights!

Today, any 20 year old adult can walk into a Robbinsdale convenience store and buy a pack of cigarettes before heading to work or after a long day of studying as they work towards their degree. If the Association of Non Smokers of Minnesota (ANSRMN) has their way, that same 20 year old could potentially face $1000 in fines or even jail time for buying that pack of cigarettes – this is a terrible thing to impose on our young people.

18 to 21-year-old people are adults. They have the capacity to make decisions for themselves and they do so every day. They make the decisions on where to work, what to eat, and whether they want to smoke.  These are young adults just starting out in life and just trying to make their way in the world.  The last thing they need is to be treated like children with a habit police breathing down their necks and the serious legal ramifications of these types of laws.

The people at ANSRMN believe that 18 to 21-year-olds are children, incapable of making personal health decisions. Because most 18 to 21-year-olds are beyond being lectured by their parents about their health decisions, ANSRMN wants to recruit the government to step in and quash the rights of legal adults to get a legal product.

Because the ANSRMN also doesn’t trust anyone over the age of 21 to make health decisions either, they made this list of demands of your elected officials in Robbinsdale:

  • Raise the minimum price of cigars to $2.60 from the free market’s price of $0.90
  • Ban the sale of sweet or candy-flavored tobacco
  • Ban the sale of all other tobacco  from convenience stores and only allow the sale in adult-only (21+) tobacco shops.

The people from the ANSRMN want to control the personal decisions of adults and they are trying to use the government of Robbinsdale to force their lifestyle on everyone. Don’t let them.

Contact your City Councilman and tell them to let young adults make decisions for themselves.


















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